Cardiac Rehabilitation Services

Cardiac Rehabilitation

physical therapyCardiac rehabilitation is an important part of recovering from a cardiac event or moving forward in life following a diagnosis. During cardiac rehab, each patient is professionally supervised through a course of treatment designed to help the patient regain strength, reestablish a normal routine and learn to make choices for a healthier lifestyle.

In collaboration with Cardiology and other ancillary services, the Cardiac Rehab Program at Cottage Hospital provides a structured exercise program for heart patients, assisting in their recovery, and promoting healthy lifestyle behavior changes. We offer small class sizes in a close knit atmosphere, allowing our patients and staff to develop a strong relationship to achieve goals together. Our staff facilitate and advocate for well-coordinated cardiac care.

Services: Patients begin Cardiac Rehabilitation soon after a cardiac event (i.e. heart attack, stable angina, bypass surgery, valve surgery, stent or angioplasty procedure). The purpose of our program is to help individuals to restore and maintain their highest level of function – physically, mentally, and socially – by providing medically-supervised exercise therapy and cardiac lifestyle counseling.

Outpatient cardiac rehab is a six to twelve week program of monitored, progressive aerobic exercise beginning one week to one month after hospital discharge. In addition to exercise, ongoing education is provided to assist patients and their families with understanding and adapting to changes made necessary by their cardiac condition.

Maintenance cardiac rehab is an ongoing, supervised exercise program for individuals with either a history of a cardiac event or a presence of cardiac risk factors. Each patient follows an individualized exercise plan based on recommendations from their referring physician. Exercise is conducted in small groups under the guidance of our Cardiac Rehab Team. Our program’s objectives are:

  • To promote and improve cardiovascular fitness
  • To identify and promote modification of cardiac risk factors
  • To prepare patients for return to normal activities

Our Cardiac Rehab Team is made up of an exercise physiologist and experienced cardiac nurses, certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and affiliated with the NH Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Society.

Hours of Service: Monday-Friday 7:30 am–5:30 pm

Contact: 603.747.9325 or

Location: Cottage Hospital Rehab Department, 90 Swiftwater Road, Woodsville, NH 03785