Anesthesiology Services


Surgeons OperatingOur Anesthesia providers work very closely with the Surgical Department to ensure the best patient experience, from admission to discharge, and the highest standard of care. An Anesthesia provider will

  • see you before your procedure to address any issues or concerns you have.
  • stay with you during your entire procedure, to monitor and care for you continuously.
  • manage your recovery in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU).
  • serve as a resource for pain management if you stay in the hospital after your procedure.

Our Approach: Cottage Hospital is the only hospital in the region that provides a certified Anesthesia provider for every endoscopy patient scheduled at Cottage Hospital. If you schedule your colonoscopy at Cottage, you will be guaranteed to have a separate provider with you, during your procedure, whose only job is to ensure your comfort and monitor your safety.

Services: In addition to anesthesia care provided during surgery, Cottage Hospital provides post-operative anesthesia care. Registered nurses in the PACU use intensive monitoring and aggressive pain management techniques to assure a safe and comfortable recovery from anesthesia and surgery. Special procedures such as cardioversion (electrically converting heart rhythm) and anesthetic blocks are also performed in this special care area.

Anesthetic blocks are just one of the invasive techniques that we utilize in our Interventional Pain Management Program to manage acute and chronic pain. Other techniques include facet joint injections, neuroaugmentation, and implantable drug delivery systems.

The Anesthesia Department is also active outside of the Surgical Department. Anesthesia providers are often consulted by the Inpatient unit, the Emergency Department and Radiology for difficult IV access and are available for emergency situations.

Contact: 603.747.9347 or

Location: Cottage Hospital Surgical Services, 90 Swiftwater Road, Woodsville, NH 03785