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Cottage Hospital: Building For the Next 100 Years

Posted By Cottage Hospital on Apr 06 2015

Dr. Rowe Health Center Comes to Life


Cottage Hospital has partnered with Trumbull-Nelson Construction Company from Hanover, NH to bring the Rowe Health Center to the community. The building’s namesake, Dr. Harry Rowe, was a long time physician with over sixty years dedicated to his profession, his patients, and his community. He played an intricate role in recruiting and stabilizing the healthcare needs to the Cottage Hospital service area.

The construction project began late in 2014 and is on target to be completed in September 2015. The building will provide over 16,000 square feet of clinical and administrative space allowing for the increase of services for primary care and specialty services including pain management, podiatry, mental health, potential substance abuse coordination, medical nutrition therapy and diabetic education. The space will also provide a new home, with ease of access, for outpatient physical therapy and occupational therapy.

In a statement by Clerk of the Works and Cottage Hospital Facilities Director, Ed Bouchard, “The timing of the project is perfect for economic stimulation through the many local sub-contractors and the creation of multiple jobs within the center, both clinical and administrative. The timing also allows for economical purchasing, capitalizing on the winter season when sub-contractors typically offer savings in trade for stability. The expertise offered by Trumbull-Nelson through their winter condition protocols and the conditions of the gravel land structure allowed for a continuous work through the winter conditions. One area unique to Trumbull-Nelson is their radiant heating of the concrete forms, allowing for focused heating source. The concrete samples that are being tested are showing to curate approaching twice the specification proving that the building will be supporting our community for years to come.”

“Recognizing the values of Dr. Harry Rowe, we are focusing on providing a space that will offer easy access to primary care as well as health education. The facility will create new job growth for the Hospital including two new medical doctors and a psychiatric nurse practitioner.” Stated Chief Executive Officer Maria Ryan.

Ryan further explained, “The future of Healthcare is shifting, there is no one service line that can carry the burden of another, it is imperative that Cottage Hospital and our primary care office stay ahead of the curve on reimbursement opportunities and continue to stay focused on the key needs of our community, we want to provide our community with this Hospital for another 100 years. The success of this project is heavily reliant on endowments and donations to our capital campaign.”

Anyone interested in making a tax deductible donation can visit or contact the development office at 603.747.9707 or Cottage Hospital Development Office 90 Swiftwater Road Woodsville NH  03785.