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Welcome to CommonWell.

Posted By Brandy Helm on Feb 12 2024

The CommonWell network provides participating practitioners access to past and present medical information to make better decisions and better coordinate care across your care teams.


How does this help me?

  • Participating healthcare practitioners can access your health record.
  • CommonWell nationwide connectivity means that your data is more accessible to participating clinicians.
  • Reduces time spent tracking down your health information providing you faster, better care.
  • When enrolled, if you are unable to provide health data, such as in an emergency, your care team may locate it immediately.
  • May save time and the hassle of filling out health history forms when seeing new practitioners.

Can I see which members of my care team participate in CommonWell?

To view participating provider sites,
visit the CommonWell website at:

How do I enroll?

  • In some areas, patients are automatically enrolled as part of the registration process.
  • If you are not automatically enrolled, a care team member will confirm select demographics and then enroll you.
  • Once enrolled, a care team member
    can review your health data from participating locations where you received care.

What health information will be shared by Cottage Hospital?

  • Records of allergies and drug reactions
  • Medication and immunization history
  • Transcribed diagnostic and treatment records
  • Procedure records
  • Record of problems and diagnoses
  • Notes from your care team

Is my data secure?

Yes. CommonWell takes your privacy and security very seriously. CommonWell does not store any of your health/clinical data and uses end-to-end encryption to help ensure your data is secure when sending data.

Can I exclude certain records
from being shared?

No. To provide a comprehensive health history, we don’t have the option at this time to exclude specific visits, tests, or episodes of care.

Can I choose not to participate?

Yes. Participation is a personal decision you must make. If you opt-out, your health information will not be available through the CommonWell network to other clinicians. To opt-out, talk with registration to discuss unenrolling.

If I choose not to participate, will it affect my ability to receive care here?

Participation is not a condition to receiving care. However, if you opt-out, it may affect the information available to your care team when receiving care.

Whichever decision I make, can I later change my mind?

Yes. If you decide to remain enrolled now, but later change your mind and want to opt out, you can contact insert contact info.