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Athena Reference: Downloading Medial Record

Posted By Brandy Helm on Oct 12 2023

 Quick Reference — To download and transmit health records from the Patient Portal or the Patient Information Center



Patients can download and transmit their health records from the Patient Portal or the Patient Information Center in the form of a continuity of care document (CCD). A patient can send the health record using Direct Messaging, a secure, encrypted method for transmitting health information, or using regular email, which is not encrypted.

Note: To use Direct Messaging, the patient may need to phone the receiving provider to find out that provider's Direct email address (these addresses contain "@direct" in the address).

  1. Log on to the the Patient Portal or Patient Information Center.
  2. Click My health on the left side of the page.
  3. On the My Health page, click the Health Records tab.

    The Health Records page appears.

Choose a time frame

  1. Specify the dates of service for the health information that you want to download or send.
    1. Custom date range — Specify the From date and the To date to retrieve health information from the dates of service in that time range.
    2. Single date — Specify the date for the information, for example, the date of your last physical exam.
    3. All time — Retrieve your entire health record.

Choose how you'd like to get your data

  1. By default, the Download tab is selected. To download your health record, click the Download button.
    A .zip file containing your health record is downloaded to your computer.
  2. To send your health record using email:
    1. Click the Email tab.
      The tab displays a warning about sending sensitive information via unencrypted email.

      Important: Make certain that the email address is correct! After you send the email, you cannot cancel or recover it.
    2. Email — Enter the provider's email address in the field.
    3. Confirm email — Enter the provider's email address again in this field.
    4. Click the Send button.
      The email recipient receives a one-time-use link to the health record.
  3. To send your health record using Direct Messaging:
    1. Click the Direct Exchange tab.
    2. Direct Exchange Address — Enter the provider's Direct address in the field.
      Note: If you do not know the provider's Direct address, contact the provider (these addresses contain "@direct" in the address).
    3. Click the Send button.

If the receiving provider uses athenaClinicals, athenaOne classifies the health record as a clinical document (ClinicalDocument_CCDA) and routes it to the Clinical Inbox.



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