Cottage Hospital Senior Staff Team

Maria Ryan, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

Ann Duffy, MHA, Chief Financial Officer

Holly McCormack, MSN, Chief Nursing Officer

Rick Frederick, Chief Information Officer

Maryanne Aldrich, Community Relations & Fund Development Director

Karen Woods, Administrative Director

Wendy Hillard, Human Resources Director


Cottage Hospital Board of Trustees

Dr. Linda DeFrahn, President of the Corporation

Archie Steenburgh, Vice President of the Corporation

Stephanie Chase, Clerk of the Corporation

William Taxter, Chair

Amy Perry, Vice Chair

Teresa Puffer, Secretary

Mark Gleicher, Trustee

Mark Johnson, Trustee

William Daley, Trustee

Ashley Luurtsema, Trustee

Tim Page, Trustee

Daniel Brady, Jr., Trustee

Peter Frazer, CRNA, Medical Staff President

Chris Danielson, DO, Medical Staff Secretary