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Physical Therapy

Jacob Prunier, DPT
Director of Rehabilitation Services
90 Swiftwater Road
Woodsville, NH 03785

Hours of Service:
Monday-Friday 7:00A-5:00P
For additional information or to schedule an appointment call 603-747-9311


About Physical Therapy: The professional staff at Cottage Hospital provides rehabilitative services to assist people in restoring movement and function, relieving pain and preventing further injury with the goal of helping people to live healthier, active and more independent lives.

Therapists from Cottage Hospital work with a wide variety of patients, from pediatrics through geriatrics.

Therapy Services Provided Include Treatment for:
• Stroke recovery
• Prosthetic and Orthotic training
• Burns
• Arthritis
• Amputations
• Neurological problems
• Neck and Back Injuries
• Post operative therapies including Knee and Hip replacements
• Treatment for physically, mentally and developmentally challenged children
• Manual therapy
• Iontophoresis
• Athletic Injury
• Over Use Injury

Assistive Devices and Technologies:
• Training on optimal use of canes, wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, etc
• Balance Coordination Training
• Therapeutic Exercise (return of strength, function and mobility)
• Ultrasound to promote muscle relaxation, alleviate pain, treat edema, and improve    functionality of joints and tissues
• Electrical stimulation to provide stimulus to strengthen muscles, promote circulation,    limit atrophy, and improve mobility

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